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262 Bates Avenue
St. Paul


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About Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus

School principal in blue sweatshirt sitting with student laughing together


Young minds shine at Dayton's Bluff!

Mission: The Dayton’s Bluff Achievement Plus community works as a team to provide a caring, consistent and rigorous learning environment for all.

Dayton’s Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary is an award-winning, neighborhood school that provides individualized support to help students thrive both in and out of school with convenient after-school care and programs, as well as many health services.

We work as a team to provide a caring, consistent and rigorous learning environment for all. Dayton’s Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary is strong because of the people who live and work here; the community spaces we share; and community-school partnerships that support our children and families. We embody resilience, hope, family connectedness, and look toward opportunities for growth and change.

We collaborate with families and the community for student success with:

  • Rigorous academics
  • Individualized attention
  • Warm, nurturing environment
  • Mentoring
  • Free, onsite after-school care
  • After-school programs
  • Dental and mental health services

What Makes Us Unique

As a community school, we are enriched by our diversity and focused on raising student achievement. Our school and community partners work together to provide resources that help students and their families continue to succeed.

Our Academic Approach

Students at Dayton’s Bluff are encouraged to ask questions, solve problems, and discover how things work. And our whole-child approach helps students thrive with personalized learning and attention to help them wherever they are in their educational journey. With classes in science, music and physical education, each child receives a full day of learning through core academics and other activities.

Our Social/Emotional Learning Approach

In addition to the standard education curriculum, Dayton’s Bluff has specialized, trained staff who partner with students to build positive behavior skills, helping children build healthy relationships both in and out of school.

Our On-Site Achievement Plus Partner Resources
  • Housing, food, clothing, and other family supports
  • Mental and physical health services
  • Dental care

MN Report Card

Click this link to view Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary's MN Report Card.


262 Bates Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55106

Phone: 651-293-8915

Grades: PreK-5
Hours: 7:30 a.m.2 p.m.

Principal: Amanda Musachio

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