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Fifth Grade

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Virtual Open House Information!!!! 
Miss our Virtual Open House? Check out what we presented with the link provided. https://bre.is/gRhzFt55
Meet your Teachers! Click their names on the right side to learn more about them. 
Looking Ahead...What's to Come? 
In writing this year, we will cover a variety of topics to help our students develop and become stronger writers. We will work on personal narratives, persuasive writing, research-based writing, memoirs, poetry, and interpretive essays.  We will work with students on making our writing exciting with adding details, strong transitions, and proper paragraph format. 
In math this year, we will cover a variety of concepts to help students to continue to build foundational skills! Some of these topics include multiplication, division, story problems, mean, median and range, area and volume, graphing, fractions, decimals, comparing and contrasting.  We will spend time working on critical thinking skills through reasoning and explaining our thoughts and answers. 
This year in reading we will look at growing in our reading through discussion, writing about what we read and small group work.  Some of the topics we will cover include theme, main idea, cause and effect, summarizing our text, point of view, author's purpose to name a view.  Students will meet with a small group for thirty minutes each day.  We encourage students to read at least 30 minutes each night. 

Parent Contact Information! PLEASE READ and RETURN! 
We want to make sure we have the most up to date contact information for each of our families! We will be sending out information weekly via email.  We ask that you please fill out this link by September 18, 2020 with your most up to date contact information.  
Google Meets Information
Each day students will use Google Meets to sign on for Morning Meeting at 8:00 with thier teacher. They will also use it to reach teachers during office hours and small group time.  Each teacher code is provided. 
DBMisukanis (use for Morning Meeting)
DBStanek (use for Morning Meeting)
This year there is a new way that attendance will be taken. We have linked the "How To" here.  Please make sure to preview this.  If your child is ill and not able to participate in our daily synchronous and asynchronous lessons please make sure to call our school attendance line so they can get an excused absence. 
iPad Issues or Tech Issues? 
We will be housing virtual Google Meet office hours for any issues that might arise during the school day and need to be addressed.  Students can log into Google Meets using the code DBHelpDesk and get help from a staff member.
Need to contact us?
Ms. Hanson- allison.hanson@spps.org
Ms. Misukanis- abigail.misukanis@spps.org
Mr. Stanek- dan.stanek@spps.org
We are looking forward to embarking on this journey with you this upcoming school year! Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with anything. 

Read 50 minutes every day

Math homework packet every Thursday - due back Wednesday

Planners sent home every day, checked weekly for signatures

Check in with your child each night see what they worked on each day