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Welcome to Kindergarten!


Kindergarten literacy includes Skills, Writer’s Workshop, and Reader’s Workshop.


  • Kindergarten classrooms use the Fountas & Pinnell phonics program to learn letter names and sounds

Writer’s Workshop:

  • Students learn to tell and draw their stories, write pattern books, personal narrative, expert books, poetry, and how-to books

Reader’s workshop:

  • Students practice reading as a whole class, read books at their levels independently or with a partner
  • Students learn to become strong readers by mastering foundational skills in print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics/word recognition, and fluency


Kindergartens work on the following mathematical skills and concepts:

  • Read, write, and represent whole numbers up to 31 using numerals, pictures, real objects, picture graphs, spoken words, manipulative, and tally marks
  • Count forward and backward with objects and without objects
  • Recognize, identify, create, complete, and extend patterns
  • Recognize and sort basic two and three dimensional shapes
  • Compare and order objects according to location and measurable attributes

Kindergarten Teachers

Kindergarten Resources


Read 15-20 minutes every day, including their book bag

Homework packet every Monday, due back following Monday in Orange Folder

Daily alphabet and sight word review: using flash cards, salt tray, play-doh, or q-tip painting sight words

Practice math skills daily: counting to 100, counting backwards from 20, identifying 2D and 3D shapes, making patterns